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Global Babe x Whiteman Park: Tree Planting at The Children’s Forest

By | 21st June, 2017|

  One of the things I love about Australia is the vast nature and the efforts people put into conserving these areas. Sure, I'm not 100% a conservationist but I do believe in a good balance. As humans in today's society, we need plenty of natural resources. However, we should [...]

You are not supposed to be who you are forever

By | 7th June, 2017|

So, we have all heard the phrase "Be You.", " Be who you want to be..." "Don't ever change who you are..." and so on. All those phrases are well and goo. However, they suggest that we only have one static identity that stays with us from birth till death. We often forget that [...]

The end of an era, the beginning of another.

By | 31st May, 2017|

Precious S2 Photography is moving. Next destination: Darwin, Northern Territory. Precious S2 Photography started out in Melbourne in 2012. Not long after, we moved to Perth where we have photographed many of you, learned and grown a lot. Our journey in Perth have come to an end for now. This [...]

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